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Meet Us

Gina Hooker, R.N., President

Certified Life Planner

Clinical Discipler

  Gina has 34 years experience as a registered nurse and has a special passion for empowering patients to make informed and responsible healthcare decisions, especially those pertaining to end of life. Gina also sees the need to treat patients and their families in a holistic manner, assuring their emotional and spiritual needs are addressed. Overall goal is to have not only a temporal, but an eternal impact on the lives of all individuals

 Gina seeks to empower health care providers to overcome personal obstacles which  will better equip them to provide care to others.

Cathy Swafford

Nursing Home Outreach Coord

Certified Life Planner

Cathy brings 40 years of experience in health care administration and is very knowledgeable in Medicare reimbursement and shares a passion for administering holistic care to patients and families.  Cathy has a special burden for the elderly and wants to help make certain they feel loved and valued and their dignity is maintained throughout the course of their life and that their end of life care needs are assessed and their decisions honored.

Cathy is a strong patient and family advocate and seeks to assist them with health care decisions and end of life planning.

Kay Self

Certified Family Planner

Kay Self is certified in funeral pre-arranging with Chattanooga Funeral Home and Hamilton Memorial Gardens.  She received her degree in Computer Programming from ECPC in Chattanooga, TN.   Kay worked her way up from Claims to Product Developer during her 22 years at CIGNA.  After reorganization at CIGNA, Kay found her true passion as a Family Service Counselor at Chattanooga Funeral Home.   Helping families through the worst time in their lives is a true gift that she possesses.  Her compassion and knowledge has proven invaluable to families that are pre-planning arrangements as well as those that are at need for services.