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Dr. John Woodward Counselor and Trainer Grace Fellowship Intl.

"Gina is dedicated to faith-based counseling and has concern for the whole person-physical, psychological, and spiritual health.  I appreciate her vision to offer biblical wisdom to those who need support and guidance.  She has taken Grace Fellowship International courses and training.  I heartily recommend her!"

Jamey Smith

Vice President RetubeCo. Inc.

"It is uplifting to see loving, Christian health professionals take the people and spiritual side of health care to heart"

Mukta Panda, MD

Erlanger Health System

UT College of Medicine

"If only more people would be as proactive in the care of their patients"

Judy Olsen

Cathy is not only a hard working woman of compassion but she has consistently displayed deep convictions, solid integrity and high ethical standards.  She has spent much of her retirement caring for  others who are unable to care for themselves.  Her dream is to minister to others by helping them prepare physically, emotionally and spiritually for the end of 'this' life and assist them into a peaceful transition to the eternal realm.  Cathy is very committed to "Sharing Hope and Healing through the Breath of Life" and I am blessed to be able to call her my friend.

Joyce Winsett

Gina   stayed  with 

me during the last several hours of my husbands life here on earth.  I will never forget how much comfort she brought me just by staying with me during that very difficult time.