About Us

E-Life Support Group is a non-profit organization which

 exists to provide holistic support to individuals without regard to

race, religion, sexual or cultural preference.

Mission Statement

"Sharing Hope and Healing through the Breath of Life"

What We Believe and Seek to Accomplish

E-Life Support Group recognizes the value and worth of all individuals and supports each individual's 

right to make their own health care decisions, especially those pertaining to end of life.

E-Life Support Group seeks to empower individuals to assume primary responsibility 

for their health care decisions; doing so, helps to assure  their wishes and desires are followed in

regards to end of life care.  

**In instances where an individual is unable to make their own decisions, every effort is made to offer patient's 

  families same information in order to better equip them to make end of life decisions in accordance with what they       believe their loved one would have chosen for themselves.

E-Life Support Group recognizes that in order for health care professionals to provide optimum 

care; it must be holistic whereby the emotional and spiritual needs of the patients and their families are assessed and efforts to help meet those needs are made. E-Life Support Group seeks to

empower and equip health care providers to address and meet the holistic needs of their patients

and families while maintaining respect for patient’s health care decisions and promoting

patient autonomy. E-Life Support Group seeks to empower health care professionals to 

become more comfortable having end of life discussions with patients and their loved ones

thus promoting nurse autonomy and patient advocacy.

E-Life Support Group seeks to support healthcare providers in their role as caregivers

and help reignite passion to serve through seminars, facilitation of  communication between staff

 and administrators, and provide lunch or coffee provided by the generous

tax exempt donations of our donors.