End of Life Education and Support



Partner with E-Life Support Group to help make an lasting impact on lives.  Covenant agreements provide your members/employees with:

  • Bi-annual "In Search of a Better End" Seminars where we guide attendees through the process of end of life health care decision making while stressing importance of each person assuming responsibility for their own health care decisions.

  • 24/7 access to nurses experienced in critical care and end of life concerns, by phone, email or in person (in case of emergency).

  • Free scheduled consultation in home, at our home office or in a medical facility to discuss your or your loved one's health care state and guide you in decision making process.  We serve as a mediator between yourselves and the health care team to further explain medical terminology, prognosis, assist in interpretation of lab and radiology results. We guide you to understand fully the available options in order to assist you in making the best possible health care decisions.  We empower each person to make their own informed decisions which is paramount to avoid guilt and anger which can so easily threaten family unity.

  • If needed, we are available to sit with you or your  loved one during the dying process and provide needed holistic support to family and patient. 

  • Assistance with funeral planning, either pre-planning or accompany family members to funeral home to make final arrangements.

   *We provide NO medical care, only support through education and our presence.

These covenants or working relationships with your congregation or company are very unique. See this as an extension of the care you are currently providing whether it is your employees or your congregation. And remember, your support will not only enhance your employees well being as they and their families are supported in this most unique way, your covenant contribution will be tax deductible.