Love is Like an Eternal Candle



The metaphor of the eternal candle is of ancient eastern origin.  You can take a candle and light another, and you have two flames...but the original flame is just as bright.  When you light yet a third, the first is still not diminished.  Because you cannot know the capacities of the second and third candles, you will not be able to predict how brightly they will shine.  But you can pretty much be assured, that your candle, the original candle will return to its original glow after lighting the other two. 

     Each of us IS a candle that alone shines bright enough for us to see our own footsteps (usually).  But each of us has the ability to light the wick of another, a candle that has grown dark.  And together , those flames can light up the world.  I fear we have stopped sharing our candle lights with each other as much, within our families, churches, neighborhoods, communities and nations.  I think this because sometimes the world seems a darker place as time goes on.  As we build more dividers and set more boundaries, as we point more missiles and make more rules, as we open more chat rooms and social media communications replace personal interaction...we keep our candles apart.

     Those candles that are dim, or that have gone out all together, stay dark. Those that are in the cold, stay in the cold.  And we don't see it, or care about it, because our candle is lit, and our tiny space is warm.  I think we have two fears, I think we have the fear that if we extend ourselves too far, we will run out of flame. And I think that we fear that if we get too close to others, especially those who need our flame, they will steal ours and we will have none.  We will be in the dark and cold.  And it is just not possible.  Just like the flame does not go away when you pass it to another, neither does LOVE.  

     Love is the flame that burns inside each of us that is eternal and infinite.  You cannot give it all away, and it cannot be used up.  It cannot be stolen from you, because LOVE is always given freely (or it is not really love at all, but something else much more selfish).  Each time you give LOVE, more appears in its place.  We can  continue to dance alone...or we can sit down and build a fire together.  There is enough fire to go around...Your candle of love is never diminished by giving away its flame.  And for those of you who might point out that eventually our candles will burn down to nothing and go out. This is true; one day we will pass from this physical earth and die.  And what is the only thing that will remain of us?  What remains is the light from our candle...and the many souls with whom we have shared it.

A Love Works Daily Commentary by Pastor Tim Henry